Newshore Idiomas has been providing Language-related services for the Offshore market since 2008, having worked On and Offshore performing interpretations, translations and In-company Language courses at a high level of professionalism and a pedagogical focus unparalleled in the market.

Our course dynamics allows students to schedule classes weekly, preventing them from losing paid class hours due to going onboard, for example.

The content of the class is adjustable to the students’ current needs, focusing on specific vocabulary and conversational structures to prepare and strengthen the students’ performance of the learned language during a specific job, meeting, agenda, etc..

Students are never graded negatively. If a subject is still not well understood by a student, different approaches and more activities will be performed until the given subject is properly assimilated by the student.

The client will pay for an amount of weekly hours to be scheduled and enjoyed by determined students. If not all hours are scheduled at the end of a month they will accumulate and add up to the following month’s regular amount of hours.